Windows 10 download

Windows 10, which was released for retail sale on July 29, 2015, is the latest introduction to the series of computer operating systems released by Microsoft. It is the successor to Windows 8.1. Many people want to install it on their computers and devices.

Many users who faced performance, startup, and shut down issues, as well as issues with memory and apps, were relieved after the release of this particular operating software. Also, it proved to be an effective method to delete viruses and virtually any kind of malware, and it even helped users by improving battery life.

Just like its earlier versions the original copy of Windows 10 can be directly downloaded via Microsoft. It can be downloaded in ISO format.

Not just this Microsoft offers downloading Windows 10 as well as upgrade the system if you want to for Windows 10, creating a flash drive along with Windows 10 files for installation or even burn set up files for Windows 10 to DVD disc.

download windows 10

From where can you download Windows 10?

The legal method to download Windows 10 is through Microsoft official download page for Windows 10.

The media creation tool is not a heavy file so will take less time to download. Well, Windows 10 is yet to be downloaded.

You will get to go through the simple screen instructions of Windows 10 installation so you don’t need to worry about what needs to be done, still if you think you need some help here is how you can do it.


Download the ISO image of Windows 10

When you open the set up program for Windows 10 in the beginning you will thing a couple of things happening automatically and when the screen is clear you need to perform the following steps.

  • Go through the license terms and then hit Accept button to accept them.
  • Select – “Create installation media”
  • Select – Next
  • Select – edition, Language, Architecture you need ISO image for and then when you are done click – Next
  • Select – ISO file on the screen – Choose which media to use and then click – Next
  • Select where you want to store your ISO image for Windows 10 and choose – Save to begin with download

Once the download process gets over, you will get full and legal version of Windows 10 in ISO. You can later burn that specific ISO file to the disc so that you can install it later or can directly use it with virtual machine software.

You can choose to burn the ISO image to USB device but that is easier with the help of in-built tool provided by the software.

Windows 10 installation guide

In order to get the valid key you need to buy Windows 10. You can buy Windows 10 Pro from Amazon or Microsoft directly. Again for Windows 10 Home you can get help from Amazon or Microsoft.

Also, you can download Windows 10 to the flash drive which is quite easier than the ISO image. The choice is yours and if you are planning to buy a new PC/laptop, search for models that come with  licensed copy of Windows 10 so that you get genuine copy of Windows with your purchase. This will help you have the license for your Windows 10 to use and it will be a convenient option too.


Disclosure: We are just guiding our user where to download windows 10 and what is the procedure to install windows 10.